Monday, September 7, 2009

Only 53 days?!

I've been remiss as of late. This is what I do when I fall into the hole. I disappear for awhile and just make stuff. Writing, macheting, building... what have you. Work helps alot taking up any and all time in between. I have a house full of things half-way realized and things still in bags, filed and piled by project, which I've been digging into the last two weeks. Besides being sick with probably the worst sinus infection known to man, I've spent my vacation trying to get all the big stuff done. Three kinds of fences, about 100 witch jars and PVC candles, a pile of new tombstones and my minions are still mid-project, but yesterday I finally finished two of my characters...

(minus body of course)

He'll be up in a tree, layed out in the brances (hence the arm)- my dead Trick-r-treater, based on some art from the Trick R Treat book.

Finishing anything feels good and keeps you pumped. I've got another week of freedom coming up, who knows what'll come of it.

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