Friday, June 26, 2009

126 Days

For the longest time my best friend Laurie B and I would rent "Ernest Scared Stupid" whenever we had a sleepover at each others house. For awhile there it was "Toys" with Robin Williams and "A Pyromaniacs Love Story", but that's only because we kept falling asleep in the middle of it.

I remember we would torcher my little brother telling him about the troll and how it was coming for him. I didn't mind sharing my little brother with her to help induce his nightmares-- she was the youngest in her family with two older brothers so she needed the catharsis I'd imagine.

Then, every spring my family would rent this house in the Shenandoah mountains. We'd end up leaving late and driving along the highway in twilight all those tiny pines that lined the manmade hills I'd tell my brother were the trolls following us to the cabin. He bought it every time. He never did make the connection about milk being a viable weapon against the troll and his minions.

I watched this a few weeks ago and fell in love all over again with Eartha Kitt and the lactose intolerant, child-eating trolls. Even though, technically I guess they didn't really eat 'em, just turned 'em into tree root sculptures. Another fact lost on The Brother all those years ago.

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