Friday, July 3, 2009

119 Days

Went to Michael's this morning for something simple as foamcore to make some machetes and other sharp implements of post-apocalyptic swine-flu doom and was pleasantly surprised to find a whole aisle of wailing, screaming Lemax and the usual smattering of uber cutesy fallish creations. I didn't exactly expect to be there so early, especially on my day off (hence the magically blurry cell phone crappiness of the pics), but the early zombie catches the maggots! And these maggots be super shiny this year:

Haunt Forum buzz says this little corner of sparkly junk is "Halloween Bling", which caused a bit of doubt and debate among the members. Frankly I like sparkly things, like any good consumer monkey, and it wasn't as "naughty nurse" as it sounded. It may not be exactly haunt friendly, much more year round decor for me so I grabbed a little black sparkly skelly and have named it Carmine. Carmine and a Lemax set came home with me today, along with the foamcore, which I'm very proud to have remembered after all the excitement and my eyes still swimming in their post awakening vision.

Came home to print out more coupons and will go out snatching up lemax sets from all 3 of our Michaels that I really want, because around here, the housewives gather and snatch in record time and those shelves are pretty bare come mid-August.

Some more pics...

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