Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Days Left

It's finally come to a staggering head. Every little bit fully realized and in its rightful place on the lawn. Oh how the little ones will cower in fear. Four months of my life so flawlessly spent!

Yeah. Right.

We have three houses with newbies to the neighborhood this year, so I told my Mom to set up all her favorites (which more often than not are a living nightmare to me) to throw off the new neigbors. Seems the kids from next door have fallen for it too. Momsy reported that they've been over twice oohing and gushing over the ghoulishly cute and horribly inviting mockery this makes of my cherised holiday.

Just wait till the 31st, kids.

It's coming.
And it's coming for you.


Jennifer said...

I love you.

I also promise to write back just as soon as we've settled into our new home in the new city. It may take a couple weeks, but know that I am thinking of you this Hamthrax-een.

Jennifer said...

Also, I moved. And I have a present for you :)