Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heads will Roll... in hysterics

I came across the trailer for a new Fox television series "Sleepy Hollow" on tumblr this afternoon:

Now, I try to keep an open mind about entertainment that falls into my genre of choice, but I couldn't make it through this trailer without cringing... and genuinely laughing my ass off.

Let's get this straight kids: the Headless Horseman taking on New York's finest (forgive me for not being able to decipher much details through the tears of hysterical laughter after about a minute in to this fantastical farce of cut and paste literary fiction) with an... uzi?! Was he crashing a helicopter with his trusty Hessian steed, trampling over the piled up, burnt out husks of cruisers as well?
Oh wait, I'm getting H.H. and John McClane mixed up, and why the hell not? Fox obviously has! It seems our favorite literary specter by Washington Irving has fallen victim to the same ridiculous, over-the-top, live action super hero fate that an equally favorite action star has succumb to in the last of the Die Hard oeuvre Hollywood strove to insult us with. Sure, I'll give anything a shot that Clancy Brown thought to grace even a speck of his time to-- the trailer holds no secret as to his fate so maybe I'll only have to sit through the pilot episode-- but I guarantee nothing and expect even less.

At least it's on television so the FREE part of it is ever so enticing, plus, it's Fox so there'll be more than enough commercials to distract adequately between the snicker-fits and frustrated sobs.

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