Friday, November 16, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #13: Sharpen Your Chompers

Next week is Thanksgiving, which will kick off the 2012 hardy holiday mastication season of vegetarian roast beast feasts, Xmas cookies and yeah, maybe even a slice of fruit cake or two. Best to get sharpening those chompers now in preparation. Can't be too careful. Especially where fruit cake is involved...

One of my oddball passions are teeth. I coulda been a dentist in another life... or a serial killer. Same thing really as both tend to elicit the same amount of fear in people. Tooth art, wearable replicas... you name it, at the very least I've probably favorited it on etsy. This week, in honor of that upcoming gnosh-fest we know as Thanksgiving, Twisted Treasuries honors its pearly whites. Can't gnaw those tofurky legs without 'em!

If I'm not mistaken, Elaine Ho Studio's shop used to be known as Roadkill (just a little tidbit of info for ya), but either way, she's been at the top of my favorites since I joined etsy forever-and-a-half-ago. From teensy skulls (I have the charm-- too cute and so well made!)and sad toast pendants to dead rabbit rings, she's always had my attention. This molar charm with the heart shaped cavity is just too perfect-- I Heart Teeth.

There's a lot of cute and creepy magic happening in clay and sterling at The Monster of My Heart's shop. There are a few buttons that have caught my eye, but the teeth are what drew me in. It's kind of mind blowing at first glance to find that these beads are just replicas and not the real thing.

If I didn't list this mug in the Damned Fine Coffee Mugs treasury, I totally should have!

I try to stick to handmade for these lusting lists of mine blog-wise, but some pieces are just too amazing not to mention. This set of vintage chompers is so odd. I may be in it for the teeth, but the metal jaw is pretty cool. Like some crazy bio-mech ready to jump off the shelves and go for your jugular...

Creepy teeth stuff is pretty awesome, but jewelry made out of actual teeth (baby teeth to boot) takes the cake on creepy. Replicas are one thing, but I'm not sure I could actually bring myself to wear the real deal. Even I have my limits to morbid. Still, the ring is gorgeous.

See the rest HERE. There's so much more!

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