Friday, November 23, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #14 : The Black Friday Crazies

Behold! The Season of Wants has decended upon us. As I'm going to be working the better part of Black Friday wading through the retail bulk of it on the front lines, marveling at how far some manage to stretch their credit, I figured why not feast of a huge helping of Black Friday dreamburgers and endulge the craziest of my own wants? They say Christmas time is for big wishes and big miracles... so besides world peace and a corporate conglomerate to swoop in and save the Twinkies I'll gladly accept the following this Christmas:

A handmade Bates mansion miniature scale replica? You bet! And you better believe I'd shell out the bucks for Norman and "mother" figures to go with it. Course, right now all I could afford are mother and Norman, but since this is a big dreamer list, the whole lot of Haunted Construction Co. models will do for me, thanks.

I have an odd relationship with spiders. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Art pretty much did me in trauma-wise when I was little and I'm pretty sure half the population of them lurking in the house has plots to kill me. Then, on the other hand I have two lovely Tarantulas (Chunk and Toona) and a random spider jewelry goth fixation. Now I love this necklace, but my overpracticed imagination tells me that the spider the web was taken from is about to go Death Wish on anyone and everyone that had anything to do with the erradication of it's home in the name of wearable goth art. Oh well... I'm rich today. I can hire spider body guards.
Portrait of the Crypt Keeper? Check. I'd hang it in my mansion in one of the many guest rooms over the bed. Weird? Who cares I'm eccentrically rich! And for that reason alone I'll take all the other portaits for the other rooms as well. Mwuahahaha....
I can't even begin to tell you how long I've lusted after one of LucyGuys full fetal skeletons or the conjoined twin replicas. All daydreams aside, I think if I won the lottery these would be the first thing I'd snap up...

That's quite the small fortune in an of itself.... Don't wanna be too greedy. Really, I'd settle for a new mattress this Christmas. What's your ultimate want this Xmas season? 

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