Monday, July 14, 2014

The Night SHE Came Home

It's a sticky, sweaty (though fabulously stormy) Monday evening AND it's friggin' July. Again! October 31st came and went and this last week, broiling away, hiding in the basement (as usual, but this time to keep cool) watching Birth of the Living Dead, and thinking of, well, dead things, I felt the guiltily sad, horrific pains of having given up my Halloween last year. Meh, it happens, right? Wasn't meant to, but it happens. Life happens. I just wasn't feeling it-- maybe it was all the spooky sparklies sucking the marrow out of my dead carcass.

Usually, writing this kind of post is a good way to stab yourself in the foot, but with my etsy back up, new projects staggering out of the Blackthorn crypt in droves, my password finally resurrected from the blackest depths of the cobwebbed, maggoty mess of my corpsey cranium (along with quite a few others-- which happens when you get fed up and swear off the internet for awhile) and my poor old Grandpa Sawyerish laptop finally getting buried and replaced, I'm feeling in the mood and bloody bloggy...

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