Sunday, September 16, 2012



If I'm not buying Dollar Store stuffed animals for the Bugaboo Freakshow (the awesomest killer ter-pei mutt you've ever seen) then I am stocking up on her toy supply come Halloween. Dog toys can be pretty expensive, especially the fluffy variety, which is why I usually stock up at the dollar store but there's always an exception to the rule and of course that's Halloween. From years past she has a pumpkin, candy corn, a black cat, and a vulture (among many others) that she's constantly carrying around in offering or using as a pillow. We've never had a dog that loved her toys as much as the Bugaboo (and I may be projecting here) but she really does seem to favor the Halloween ones best.

Had to stop by (evil) PetCo last Monday for dog food and crickets and there it was! The Halloween display!!

This is one of those seasons where the pickin's were just too good to be true! I wanted to clear off the shelves and take them all home with me. Two of each-- one for me and one for Bug. Yes, sometimes I end up buying dog toys and keep them for myself. Believe me, if Bug had gone with me, it would've been 10x'sworse. She likes to pick toys right off the hooks and carry them around the store with her. No joke.

The Wolfman (finally, a wolfman! the first I've seen anywhere this year!) and Monster/Creature have been declared mine. The spider's fate is still up in the air. I'll probably end up going back and picking up a couple more to make it up to Bug that all she, and her sister Zoe, got were patchwork monsters.

Coulda been worse. They could've ended up with costumes...

The rest of PetCo's Halloween collection.
(I have to say, cats really got the shaft this year)

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