Friday, September 21, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #7: Damn(ed) Fine Coffee... Mugs

This week's Twisted Treasury was supposed to be about pumpkins and panic that next week is the last of September, but then came an unexpected personal... tragedy? (loss? mishap?).... whatever it was, it was a definite kick in the face as I discovered that all of my Halloween mugs* had gone AWOL from the cupboards sometime between last Halloween and now. I'm not a big coffee or tea drinker, especially not in the summertime and I wasn't here for about six months last winter (nope, the mugs didn't come with me) so the fact that I didn't notice till now isn't a stretch, but they've still gone somewhere. Somewhere nobody bothered to tell me about.

One of the five victims.

It's a family mystery (mayhaps, dare i say, conspiracy?) that no one in my house seems able (willing?) to solve, even though one of them had to have been the guilty party. Issue #2424789724 of living with aging parents: someone does something (bad/good/constructive) they can't remember if they did it or why. Meanwhile, all The Brother's mugs and Mom's mugs were present and accounted for. Did I mention The Brother hasn't lived in our house for almost three years? Three years and not only does he have have a designated mug cabinet, but seemingly mug security as well. And mom says she doesn't play favorites... Uh huh. Tell me another.

At any rate, Mom feels pretty terrible about it -- even though she may not remember it, deep down, she knows she's responsible-- she spent most of Sunday rifling through boxes (some that have probably been packed since 1987) searching in vain. Eventually she'll remember what she did with them I guess (I hope), in the meantime I'm looking for new mugs**

Luckily, that's the sort of thing Twisted Treasuries (and a good guilt trip) was created for!

Second Chance Ceramics has a LOT of great cups, mugs and well... other ceramics. I would say it's hard to choose, but that was before I saw this one! I'm an Oz fan from way back and I'll always love the original illustrations the best. This is so classic! Maybe a little too cutesy clean, but hey, can't be blood and gore all the time. Mom always said even evil takes a break...
maybe not my mom....
Think evil drinks honey vanilla chamomile too?
If it does, it'd drink it in this mug I betchya.
but this one, this one or maybe this one or this one would do too! I can't decide. Which do you prefer?

There are a couple of Frankenstein Monster/Bride sets floating around on etsy, but these are my definite favorites. My only gripe is the his and hers, "mr." and "mrs." deal these sets seem to have. How about Mine and MINE sets?! Of course, I'm sure it's possible to get without. All I have to do is convo them... but, you know, just saying...

This one is just a flat out "duh". Must have muuuuuugggg!
It comes in other colors, but the orange is a fabulous Halloween bonus.

Circa Ceramics is another one chocked full of hard decisions. They're a lot like zombies and brains... or me and notebooks: you can't stop with just one!

This would nicely replace my favorite cauldron mugs from Target a few seasons ago...

The atmosphere of these handpainted mugs is so magically Halloween...

For more handmade and vintage mugs, check out the treasury.

To my missing mugs--

Wherever you are baby mugs, I'm sorry I didn't pay better attention to you. Please, come home safely. I need you! It's Pumpkin Spice tea season!

*who am I kidding? All my mugs are Halloween mugs, except for the two generic black dollar store and my care bear mug. YES, my care bear mug. ;)
** my melamine Halloween plate collection is MIA too. Clearly, there's a Halloween thief plaguing the neighborhood. Lock up your theme-ware people! they could be coming for yours next!


venus. said...

OH i love love love this entry. is there such a thing as being addicted to a blog? because i am sooo addicted to yours.

blagh, i hate that your mugs have gone M.I.A. and i wish i woulda known you were a mug lover way back when. did you happen to see any of the ones at homegoods??

Daddy's Little Corpse said...

I guess I've finally found a way to use my powers for good. ;)

One of the missing mugs was from Home Goods, but I haven't seen any mugs there this season. No mugs anywhere really... and obviously I've been looking!
If you spot any lemme know. I'm on a mission now!

venus. said...

i went to homegoods again over the weekend and they had a bunch of mugs... they weren't halloweeny but more like witchy. cute still, though. they also had one that was orange with trees and kitties and skeletons and SUPER halloweeny. they only had one and i scooped it up. :( i will definitely keep my eyes peeled for you!! <3