Monday, September 17, 2012

Pumpkin Pie VOO

If you're a regular visitor to my flickr, you'll know that one of my favorite things to do is take crappy cell pics of everything my vegetarian and vegan cooking adventures. One of my ultimate favorite brekkie items and recurring crappy photo crush is VOO or "Vegan Overnight Oats". Really, it's oatmeal I love, but who wants hot oatmeal in the summer time when VOO is pretty nearly the same thing and just as good? I can thank Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows for this obsession. I've made quite a few recipes from her blog, with a mile-high stack of recipes printed out still to try (I think it's the outstanding food photography that does it), but VOO is the one I've really fallen for.

the Chocolate Cherry VOO experiment-- a success!

I've made regular and parfait, the Banana Split (see mine here) and Blueberry Banana Pie. I've even gone so far as to experiment and create my own chocolate cherry VOO, but last night I  decided to make her Pumpkin Pie VOO for an easy Monday morning breakfast.

Move over blueberry banana, there's a new favorite VOO on the block.

Or there will be, after a little tweaking anyway, which is a first for an Oh She Glows recipe. I did end up only using half the maple syrup because I was using vanilla soy instead of almond milk, and nixed the recommended toppings altogether-- raisins and nuts are not my thing. Next time I'll add extra cinnamon and a little brown sugar in addition to the pumpkin spice, because personally the pumpkin spice on its own wasn't pumpkiny enough for me.

It's actually been too cold in the mornings to really merit VOO (we're having an actual fall here in N.VA which I'm enjoying the heck out of) so I'll probably be trying out the  Comforting Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal soon. If it warms up again, and I'm loathefully sure it will, I'll be making another batch of this.

With all the other fall pumpkin recipes I've got lined up on the slab to try, I don't know what'll come next, but one thing I do know...

I'm going to need a bigger can of Pumpkin.

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