Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving Thanks it's Over... (for today at least)

My favorite month of Zombie's yet for 2012!

Hopefully last night went off without a hitch... I wouldn't know yet since it's September as I type and schedule this post. The day after Halloween is probably the only time you'll hear me bitching about the holiday and happy that's it all over. Mainly because I have to pack it all up and find a way to stuff it neatly into storage as soon as possible. Definitely NOT my favorite part. I'll spend all day cursing the builds and swearing I'm done. Retired! and plotting to get revenge on the neighbors kids who always walks through the display and karate-chops the ghouls screaming "I'm not afraid of that!" I'll give him something to be scared of. It's probably best I'm stuck on clean-up duty, but it'll all pass by the 2nd and I'll be counting down all over again. :)

Be prepared for upcoming haunt spam in the coming days.

I hope everyone had a superb Halloween!

Art by William Stout

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