Friday, November 30, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #15: The Collection Edition

The Collection embarks upon the world today via theatres. I absolutely adored The Collector, which came out of nowhere a few years back to delight me on DVD. Another movie I actually thought about going to the movie theatre to see... but then I remember all the little gross things I learned about movie theatres while working in one in high school and the old lady germaphobe in me attacks and tells me to save my health and my money, stay home and watch the original 5000 more times till its sequel hits a rentable format.

I still may try to see it. Even if they ARE feeding it to the world via its relations to the one trick magical horror pony SAW (II-VI to be critically exact on that statement... I loved the original. Sequels? Not so much) and the trainwreck that was Insidious.

Anywho, in honor of  The Collection's release, this week TT indulges the knick-knack obsessionals that make up my own collections-- as bloodied and battered as any of the collectors victims...

This is probably a huge duh, but I love skulls. Of all sorts. Living in a heavily wooded wing of suburbia one's privvy to finding all sorts of woodland leftovers in their backyard-- empty sun bleached turtle shells, deer skulls, an entire intact skeleton of a mole. All nice editions to the family curio. Having said all that, it's pretty rare that I buy the real deal. Good thing this little guy is a replica... I always wanted a kitten. I'd love to find this one in my stocking this Christmas.

I'm pretty sure we've covered my affinity for weird dolls. Yes? Pigs too? Check. Well, then this little guy should be no surprise.

I went through a lawn gnome and pink flamingo phase a couple of years ago. Gnomes are all the right kind of creepy, but mostly around my neck of the woods people just think of them as lawn junk instead of lurking little pointy-hatted lumps of doom. Chris and Janes zombie lawn gnomes would change all of that. And, bonus! Maybe even get them to quit griping about our lawn...

Actually, forget the lawn. I need this for my car. Like pronto. She collects trinkets too.

A little Junker Jane soothes the soul, lemme tell you. I love her rag dolls. This Monster Frankenstein would look so at home with Monster Emma, Petal and Witch Malyss. If only he wasn't on reserve!!
by JunkerJane (duh)
This would make a great background piece for all my tooth fetish paraphenalia.

Jewelry counts as a collection right? Silver and skulls are what you'll find at the heart of mine. For that reason I love Jewels Vine's shop. I've had my eye on this skull charm for awhile now. But any piece would do! Especially the various skeleton keys charms.

OHMYGOSH I love the oddity of gas masks. They're creepy, industrial and more varieties exist that you would think. I would love to add this to my modest little vintage collection. If you want odd and old, oddacious is etsy gold!

When I was a kid, we'd spend spring break in the Shenandoah Valley. There was a little store called Tuttle and Spice that had a wax museum and curiousity corner and in one of the rooms was a taxidermied squirrel on a branch with a cigarette hanging out of it's mouth and a bottle of booze cradled in its paw. That squirrel was the main highlight of the trip for years and years for me. As a result, I have a love/hate/disgust relationship with taxidermy. I don't actually collect it because it real life it freaks me out to have, what used to be a living animal, stuffed and staring at you glassy-eyed from a bookshelf. I think it's borderline disrespectful to the animal too, especially a little piece like this, BUT at the same time that twisted freak of a little Norma Bates girl in me (with the West Virginia outdoorsman genes I got from my Dad helping her along) can't get enough of it, so we add it to that little secret stash of a collection in my imagination, that little girl and I...

I could totally see myself starting a faux taxidermy collection. These miniature mounts aren't technically the fuzzy kind of taxidermy I mean, but they'd be great first additions. In all truth I could make a collection from any of The Rogue and the Wolf goodies or art from its sister store HidenSeek.


Of course if you don't have a collection, but you have the means and motivation to acquire one, you could always go for an instant curio collection, like this one from aldetha. I know I wouldn't mind it (parrot excluded), or any of the oddities stuffed into this shop, myself. From curios to prosthetics, antique coffin plates and taxidermied owls, this is quite the impressive etsy vintage and antique shop! 
via aldetha

So what kind of curios get your cabinets amped up collection wise?

Don't forget to at least check out The Collector on DVD (blu-ray, laser disc...whatever)-- I believe it's also available in various parts on youTube at the moment. And if you see The Collection, lemme know what you thought!
Let's hope it doesn't suck...

The Collector TRAILER
The Collection TRAILER

By the way, did you know if you click the pictures they take you to the etsy listing? Well. They totally do.

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