Saturday, August 2, 2014

Halloween Summer

So my "summer purse" (=bag I made out of a recycled pair of my favorite cargos) is adorned with the above... Quick story:

Last week I get on an elevator with some dude who takes note and makes the semi-friendly, semi-intrusive observational jack ass-y comment "Getting ready for Halloween, huh?" with that knowing look-- you know the one people give you when they're trying to be friendly, but half making fun of you at the same time because they don't get it and they just can't help themselves? That one. And in that guy way too which makes it 1000 times worse... (girls, you know what I'm sayin', right?) Just total blech. My retort? The best Jack Nicholson "Here's Johnny" sort of look like I'm going to eat him and his children raw, and simply said "always". He genuinely looked a little disturbed and got off as soon as he could.

I should have followed him...

Anyway. That's me. Representin'....

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