Friday, October 12, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #10: Halloween Geeked to the 9's

So, as I've mentioned, I started a new job very recently and very suddenly. I'm enjoying it so far (thanks for asking), but as with any new job there are definite growing pains one has to grow accustomed to. For me the biggest change is that my boss and the company actually care about how I dress and what I wear. People are funny like that, whereas dogs and handmade, inanimate corpses couldn't care less. I've had many a new term added to my vocabulary-- who'duhthunk I'd be using words like "bolero", phrases like "cheetah print off-the-shoulder" or even something as simply sinful as "skinny jeans" on a daily basis. It's a big change from "poo bags" and "stretchy leash" to be sure. The biggest change however, which also happens to be the unsung company credo, is "come glitzed to the 9's", which yes, makes me cringe a bit. For a ghoul who feels most comfy in a pair of mache stained cargos and a hole-y black tee, horribly chipped nail polish and wears the same jewelry day-after-day, hanging out in her 3x5 work space in her basement, building dead things... Make no mistake, while there may be some things about me that scream, nothing screams "glitz", but it's been fun to try. And I still manage to sneak in bits of my own aesthetic to notable praise-- luckily skulls and spikes are in right now. ;)

In honor of , and to poke a little fun at our store credo, not to mention the fact I spent three days steaming about 4 dozen racks worth of sweaters, this week Twisted Treasuries geeks out to the 9's with a Halloween infusion of faux-pas fashion.

You know you had that one teacher, or maybe even a parental or a much older aunt, that rocked a holiday themed sweater at some point. We've all been there and to some extent maybe even loved or at least appreciated the spirit of it.  I myself appreciate the irony. I've heard "I'd love to dress you" more times from my new co-workers in the last week than I have in my whole life, so I can only imagine what would happen if I showed up to work wearing any of these fabulous frights. I wish I had the pumpkins to try...

The only thing better than a Halloween sweater? A Halloween sweater vest. And this one even takes it to the next level with teddy bears! Off the charts awesome!

I like the symmetry of this one. And I'd wear it just like this. The styling is flawless.
via nemres

This one I may actually be able to get away with at work. There's a ton of non-Halloween vintage treasures in this shop I'd love to wear too!

This sweater is the absolute HOLY GRAIL of fugly, ironic sweaters. It's actually kind of scary how much I love it.

If only these were in my size! The perfect topper to a good fugly sweater. I'd love to see what my boss would have to say if I showed up to work wearing these... Think they'd go with an off-the-shoulder cheetah print and jeggings? :D

Unfortunately, most of the gaudy vintage gems I found have already sold so the original treasury I created has been rendered both moot and empty, but do a search for Halloween sweaters. You won't be sorry!

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