Friday, October 19, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #11: The Way You Walked was Thorny

It's Friday, which sadly means that Werewolf Week is coming to its close for 2012. It may be back next year, who knows. Sequels have risen again and again from much lesser pursuits. For now however, how better to say goodbye than with a Twisted Treasury?
I absolute love the stylized attitude of Aunty Donuts wolf dudes. They'd make great friends for my dancesippydance bloody monster family. Just another shop that makes me wish I was made of money!
No horror geek should be without a Wolfman coat hook. Gotta have somewhere to hang their plaid shirts up when they come home after a long night lurking on the moors for pretty women to strangle in the fog... That always bugged me about the original Wolfman movie, how about you? Anyway, the detail in this coat hook is pretty amazing. Would you really want to hang something on it and cover it up?
There are numerous monsterous creations lurking in the shop of Yokai John, from Dracula and Wolfman and zombie salt & pepper shakers to Sasquatch action figures to Monster pins and magnets sets. The monster picture frame is a personal favorite to be sure. Most everything handmade in this shop boasts an undeniable charm of the great monster classics, but his wolfman pencil cup is what caught my movie mangled monster heart. It even has a special eraser compartment!  
I already own one of these shirts from KallMall. It's my absolute favorite and one that, if I had friends, I'd buy to inflict on them at Christmas to get the word out: Save the Werewolves! Silver bullets. Their undeniable hunger. Abject self loathing. Speeding semi's. Bad press. Crap movies.  Werewolves are endangered species to be sure! Apparently, according to Kall Mall, even Kraken pose a threat. So buy a shirt. A sticker. A can "koozie"! Then, maybe after that, you could save the Kraken, the unicorns, or big foot too. ChupacabraZombies (though they seem to be doing all right for themselves). Hell, why not save them ALL?! Personally, I think I'm going with Chupacabra next. Perhaps a "Bad Ass Unicorn" tee too. :)
I've been a fan of Alternative Dolly Art for a bit now. Her blood-spattered bow necklace drew me in while items like bloody teeth earrings, the zombie weapons collections and candied zombie apples  kept me coming back for more. "Accessories for the Girly and Gory" and then some! Her anatomical polymer clay hearts are, in my opinion the best of the best, ranging from sweethearts to zombies. The Jekyl and Hyde and of course The Wolfman being my absolute favorites. Though I like to put her pieces up on my wall instead of actually wearing them. Is that weird?
See the rest of the treasury HERE.

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