Sunday, July 20, 2014

Halloween Watch 2014

Sometimes I swear I live at Michaels and Joanns. This has been one of those weeks where I find myself at either store multiple times and now it's July so the Halloween things are trickling in, which means I'll be there a lot more. Monday all they had was ribbon, the sparkly silver, purple and black décor crap and fall stuff. Today there was a little more. I actually went in hopes of those certain early and predictable yearly items being out-- lucked out on finding one of the two of what I was looking for, but give it another week and that one aisle they have cleared will be full and that one item will (hopefully) be there.

Honestly I'm sick of the sparkly "regal" Halloween end caps-- they don't even merit a pic anymore, but they did have this, which at least made me smile:

And this craft in the kiddy stuff which I only took a picture of to remind me to make my own...

Ultimately, this is what I walked away with...

(Hello Kitty and "stickerz" from Joanns $1 section)

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