Tuesday, July 29, 2014

JoAnns Halloween "Online Only"

Trolling around crafting websites trying to find in-store stocks of fun fur (don't ask...) I came across the obnoxiously exclusive words "online only" for some pretty cool Halloween things on the JoAnn's site-- stamps mostly. If I came across them in the store, they'd probably end up in my cart, but online...ugh, I just can't be bothered to start another online account and remember another friggin password. Yeah, even for Halloween. Everyone has their limits. Still, they are worth a share...

Click the image for links.

Mostly about the skull and candle in this set.

"Nevermore" Inkadinkado stamp set

 I can hear Martha Stewart now: "All you need is a good cardstock, a laser printer and you can make fun playing card sets for party favors" Or... I could cut and paste and just use the printer... Hmm...
Halloween Playing Card Stamp
This one's got some classic silhouettes. I love this stuff for decorating envelopes.
Halloween Charm
Some super cute stickers. You have to wonder why it's "online only". If it's a seasonal thing... well, they're putting it out in stores, so why not include them? I'd pick these up quick.
Hween Ghst-sticko Halloween Stk
(haha, very descriptive!)
This one's just classically awesome.
"Pumpkin Fence" Stampendous Stamp
Damn you "online only"!!
A million and one, year-round uses for this stamp set too...
"Little Skeletons" Inkadinkado Stamp Set
And the big daddy bestest stamp of the lot
And that's just a taste. So many stamps! Maybe another password is in order... or maybe (hopefully) I'll step into JoAnn's sometime soon and there they'll be.
My bank account kinda hopes not. :)

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