Friday, August 10, 2012

Darkly Dreaming...

It's that time of year again where I bust out with a Dexter marathon in order to prepare for the release of the DVD mid-August. We don't get those fancy high falootin' channels like Showtime or HBO, so while everyone else is getting jazzed for a new season of Dexter, True Blood et al, I'm feeling pretty left out, curled in a ball and sobbing, knowing I'm going to have to wait till it's all over, praying that nobody I know runs me over with any spoiler reports loitering by the watercooler come Monday.

Good thing that not only do I not talk to many people, the last water cooler I was anywhere near was in the house of a pair of Brussels Griffons I use to pet sit. Come to think of it they had Showtime, but luckily weren't very inclined to chit chat...

I did manage a glimpse of a couple episodes from the 6th season. And you can't avoid snippets about seasonal twists in storylines and new cast members when you pick up a copy of Fango, Horror Hound or stalk the halls of FearNet from time to time. I'm excited to see Edward James Olmos back in Miami and on the other side of the badge. Miami Vice was a (not very well kept) secret between my Dad and I when I was little. Costillo, Crockett and Tubbs were like a pastel clad, cocaine fighting extension of my Sesame Street family-- but way cooler. I also harbor a pretty massive crush on Mos Def, so seeing him alongside, Dex, Deb and Angel (as ill-fated as I already know his character to be) is just an added bonus.

To prep for a weekend of paper mache prop building planted in front of the TV with Dex, Deb, Angel and all the rest of them, AND to introduce a new, hopefully weekly installment of Twisted Treasuries on Daddy's Little Corpse, I came up with a little list of favs in honor of everyone's favorite serial killer.

This amazing Dexter poster print. I'd slap this up on my walls no problem. UNDER the plastic drop cloth of course...


My mom has one of those "Keep Calm Carry On" postcards hanging by the front door, but this pin is MY kind of calm:

I love a good shopping bag to make all the housewives gawk and shoo away the kiddies. This would look great paired with my strawberry tote and Sad Psycho tee.

by UrbanPrey

Do you ever buy things especially for your cars rear view mirror? Well, I do. Dahlia loves her talismans and I think this would go wonderfully with the amazing gas mask charm I have there now, from Amanda at Neverland Jewelry.

This one hits a bit close to home. I may not need this one. My mom's not much of a computer person... She gets so angry checking e-mails and... actually, that's all she does... that I predict one day we'll come down to look for her, the computer will be in pieces and this will be the only sign left of her, a bloody handprint left on the mouse pad.

For more deliciously dark and dreamy Dexter inspired lovelies, check out the rest of my etsy treasury HERE
I love a man in blood-splatter. :)

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