Sunday, August 12, 2012

Doll Chateau Bella

Most dolls are creepy. Fact. But it's the blatantly off-kilter ones that steal my heart right away. At least you know you can't trust them outright. Unlike porcelain dolls-- so sweet. So innocent. SOOO unassuming. When they're the first ones to come alive at night and claw at your face while you sleep. They make movies about these things for a reason!

But Bella wouldn't hurt a fly...

It's the magic little girls like Doll Chateau Kid Bella that make me wish I was made of money. Luckily, the full sets sold out months ago, otherwise I'd be tempted. This is one of those dolls you keep stock, locked behind glass to marvel at. The costume really makes this beauty.

Click the pic to go to Bella's page on DollChateau. They've got a pretty impressive selection of odd little dolls worth checking out.