Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Quick Face Lift

I stumbled upon this little number at Home Goods last weekend. They've finally put out their Halloween. I was originally eyeing the  plaster house at Michael's as a quick and easy (borderline brainless) craft project to take a break from my heavy lifting haunt projects-- the little kid in me can't resist a 3-D coloring activity like that-- but they weighed a ton and shed plaster dust like crazy. I had a place to put it, but it's on a shelf on the wall over my bed. Wouldn't THAT be fun to wake up like the Wicked Witch, with a plaster house on my head after the shelf gives out in the night...
On a whim I went in to HG to check things out and there it was-- a sad little mess, all by itself, a bit vacant in all it's glittery genericness on the shelf. None-the-less I thought it was cute and packed with potential.

Best of all, it's lite enough to put on those persnickety bed-hovering shelves of mine. I'd much rather be pummeled by some cardboard and glitter than a 5lb plaster cast.


Some dried out cherry stems for weeds, a new "wreath" and some pumpkin-esque pasta (also found at Home Goods) with stick bits from the yard and it's looking super homey. Still a work in progress, but for the moment I'm enjoying the simplicity.

I almost, kind-of, miss the "Beware" sign, but it's found another, more appropriate home.

Cause Goldfish are just that dangerous... ;)

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