Friday, August 24, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #3: House of 1000 Faces

Since this inadvertently became a Face Off kind of week, today's Twisted Treasuries is dedicated to the fine art of mask making...

First up is a mask by Matt Valentine from season 2. I favorited his etsy shop eeons ago and didn't even notice it was him till now. There's a new version of his Burtonesque challenge mask (tied for #2 on my Face Off Top 5) and a bad ass (non-sparkly) succubus, but I find myself drawn to this guy:

There's a nice array of latex crazies by Nick Petty of Lost Souls Dept. on etsy. There's a Marilyn Zombie, a Dark Elf, but this Baphomet mask takes the cake for epically creepy. Gotta love a god that brings his own altar...

I love this zombie, and his voodoo doctor smirk. It's classic and simple. And affordable!

Anyone who knows me knows I can be pretty Anya when it comes to rabbits. I'd imagine Lauren's mask comes as close to representing what they really look like beneath all that cute and cuddly bunny fluffinstance as you can get.

I love a good pig mask. Started with my swine flu epidemic themed haunt a few years back.This guy would've been so perfect!

Speaking of pigs.... The Shoggoth Assembly's been all over the Haunters and Halloween blogosphere lately and rightfully so. Probably better known for his skinned horror face masks and affordably priced disarticulations, his works are some of the most absolutely phenomenal, realistically detailed and inspired atroscities around-- his pig mask doesn't fail to impress. Check out those hairy warts!

Lots more lovelies in the treasury, found HERE...

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