Monday, August 13, 2012

The Halloweenishly High Hopes of a Crafty Bitch

Hold onto your haunts, my little ghoulies. Things could get glittery...

Donna Martin graduated and in her post-90210 obscurity has picked up a glue gun... and, apparently, a pet chicken?

Word on the street is that tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern/Pacific time on TLC, Craft Wars will be having a Halloween craft-off. I've spent a week investigating this for some kind of solid proof other than the brief and (always) cryptic description on my cable menu:

"The Crafters must create a Halloween yard display out of gardening tools."

So far all I've been able to dig up is a picture from Tori's blog of Tori "dressed up" as... Poison Ivy? (Eve? A topiary?!) rolling around in a pile of stuffed animals. What that has to do with anything, who knows, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow night.

Maybe I'm hoping for too much, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the show so far with not only the diversity of the contestants, their specialties and backgrounds, but in some instances the final products they manage to churn out in a ludicrously reality TV alloted 5 hours. The Grammy episode that aired last week for example, the winning craft was pretty impressive. Predictable perhaps, but the way it was constructed bar none one of the coolest ideas I've seen yet.

Not everything's been my cup of tea, I'll tell you that right now (matchy bedroom crafts, kidlet tooth fairy and toy box crafts, patio furniture from beach balls... pastels *shudder* things I wouldn't touch with a ten foot neon pipe cleaner) but there's lots of little crafting tips to be picked from the brains of both the competitors and the judges (did you know you can get rid of pesky glue gun strings by hitting 'em with a hair dryer? sharpen paper punchers and fancy shmancy scissors by using them on tinfoil?) and a good deal of inspiration, which I'll admit, is mostly spawned from the mistakes (or all out atroscities) some of the craftestants have procured in the name of reality TV and a $10,000 grand prize.

The defeatist in me predicts there will probably be lots of glitter (and if there isn't the judges will call 'em on it), nobody will know how to weather proof properly and some sort of cutesy scarecrow will be made out of rakes and trowels-- the typical spin on spooky that's soiled the Halloween aisles of the high holiday for the last four years. But knowing what the home haunting world is capable of, the home haunter and crafty bitch in me, and the girl that's been shamelessly watching Craft Wars since stumbling across it, has higher much hopes.

Really, they had me at Halloween. I'll be watching no matter what.

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venus. said...

AAAAH! i was so excited for this show - even after finding out that tori spelling aka ms. donna martin was the hostess but after actually watching it with her in it, i found myself constantly talking back to her. haha! i dont know. i can't take her seriously - especially when she "scolds" the contestants or they show her silly tweets during the show. she drives me insane. the halloween episode is probably the only reason i'll ever go out of my way to watch it again.

but i soooo agree with you! the participants are AWESOME and the variety of skills is inspiring!

aaaaaaaaaaand oh my gosh, you have no idea how much i LOVE reading your blog. i finally figured out hot to automatically follow you. :)