Friday, August 17, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #2: Mantel Full of Oddities

I've been having an insane time trying to get my ancient laptop to cooperate the last few days.  The poor thing is pushing 9 years old and is in desperate need of a refresh I've been putting off, so I'm the only one I can blame for the hassle and the loss of the original draft of today's post. There's been all kinds of frustration and colorful language attempting to wade through that particular mess today, believe me. So how do I relax coming off a week like mine? Well, I have a plethora of ways in my crafty repetoire to shake the sh*t off. Redecorating is one of them.

Well, redecorating spaces I don't exactly live in, to be... you know... exact.

My current living situation doesn't have much room for luxurious surroundings. Luxury in my household, at the moment, is a cleared space on the floor in which to walk. We're not exactly hoarders here at Blackthorn Manor, but there's just too many lives crammed into too tiny a space, so I play make-believe with the future abode of future me. I've decorated everything from trailers to bungalows to the Bates Motel to cardboard boxes behind 7-Eleven within the confines of my noggin. This week, Twisted Treasuries plays interior designer, catering to create the mantel of my dreams.

(image from Domino Magazine via recent settler's  flickr)
Remember colorforms? Well, this is a lot like that... Just mentally stick the following little vinyl pieces over the picture. No advice from Elle Decor professionals needed... ;)

Every mantel has a focal point. This "big eyed gothic portrait" print of the Bride of Frankenstein has been at the top of my wish list for a long time. It's an absolutely stunning interpretation from Pinkytoast. The Brides complexion even matches the olive green 1950's couch I'm to take off my grandparentals hands one day. Matted and framed in just the right oversized gold, guilded frame it could be amazingly dramatic.

As we've established, I love a good creepy doll. These two pieces from Mudstuff are equal parts cute and crusty, and straight out of a lab experiment, not unlike our beloved Bride.

Every haunted house needs bats. This taxidermy piece melds a victorian gothic aesthetic with science and the action gives life ("LIFE! Give my Creation LIFE!!!!") to the mantel.

A little demon minion from The Shadow Farm never hurts. This guy evens out the cute quotient and compliments The Bride's colors. He even has an air of Igor about him, no?

Speaking of color, these gorgeous moths will add some ever important shades of pink.
Moths and pink, two of my favorite things

These are just too perfectly unusual NOT to include.
 FiveHands has some truly amazing oddities in his shop. Check him out! 

Top it all off with a dramatic smattering of vintage mismatched candlesticks, maybe a few evil looking medical tools, let the cobwebs do their thing (or add your own with a web gun) and you have a mantel fit for Frankenstein!

See the rest of the treasury HERE

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to call in The Geek Squad and then I'm watching a movie. Something extra stabby seems in order.... ;)

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