Monday, August 6, 2012

The Vegan Zombie

Confession: I am a vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian (on and off, I'll be honest) for about 10 years. I have lapses-- who doesn't from time to time?-- but since last summer I haven't had a shred of meat to eat. Apparently, when you're a bad vegetarian and you decide to go vegan it makes you a WAY better vegetarian. Anywho... last winter while lazily searching online for some new vegan eats and recipes I stumbled on to The Vegan Zombie's blog.
What better reason to go vegan than a horde of flesh eating zombies? I'll leave out the implications and socio-politcal rantings that tie the two together, cause this is about two things that make me happy: cooking* and zombies.

Part cooking show, part zombie adventure with a good dose of humour. Whether or not the actual movie gets released in any form (they've already missed their 2011 deadline) watching Jon make good grub on their youtube stream's enough for me-- and Jon himself is pretty scrumptious on his own, let's be honest. Did I mention his autumn themed tattoo sleeve? The way he talks to his dog, Indy? Erradicates the zombie hordes? It's enough to make any girl swoon...
Still, if you're vegan, vegetarian, or an all out "we have canines for a reason" card-carrying meat-asauruous like my Dad, good food is good food and zombie fun is... well zombie fun.

The Vegan Zombie's sure to be popping here from time to time. If for nothing else to serve as a reminder of recipes I want to try.There's so many! As it is I've only managed the breakfast burrito and the shepherds pie.

I've adopted the mashed potatoes portion of that recipe as my end all be all mashed pots recipe. It's THAT good.

*cooking and NOT eating. Eating's kind of a pain in the ass-- an afterthought of instinctual survival really-- but cooking at least helps you not only get excited to eat, but works up an appetite to actually do it. Kinda like killing Zombies...

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