Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pier 1 Halloween

Tagged along with The Brother to Pier 1. He was on the hunt for a new wine key (= fancy corkscrew for those of us who aren't fancy wine and dine bartenders...) which they didn't have, but they had a whole bunch of Halloween and autumn out on the floor to distract us. We snapped some crappy cell pics and enjoyed taking it all in...

Cute little wind-ups. They had a mummy too!

Sooooo much glitter, but I thought these spiderweb tea light holders were pretty cool.
Ummm... is glitter flammable?

Cutesy and corny. A continuing theme... I like the design of the cauldrons in the middle however.


More ornaments... I'll admit I considered adopting a couple. They're so goofy, it's hard to say no sometimes.

Lights? I didn't pay too much attention. They were mixed in with the bath salt and toys (kind of a weird combo, right?) I love the face on that jacko...

Hand soap! Resisted it, only to find myself face to face with it again at Home Goods... for $4 less. Still resisted it though. They also had jack-o-lanterns.

no comment.

Taper candles. Too sweet. Looking at them now I kind of wish I'd bought them.

My favorite thing in the store! Flameless candles. Kind of pricey, but I may go back for the skull.

Not a single thing made the trip home with me... at least not yet. Overall, I saw a lot of things, that, let's be honest, I could probably make myself, but plenty of the good kind of cute to make you smile, even with the glitter.

I'm wondering where the hell all the werewolves have gone this year. I don't think I've seen one yet this season! Have you?

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venus. said...

i tend to avoid pier 1 like the plague (i cant afford anything and maybe i'm slightly bitter) but fall is when i'll step foot in if i happen to be in the area. NOW i must go!!! beautiful shots by the way. :)