Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Face Off Follow Up

(click for the episode if you missed it... mini-spoilers ahead! you've been warned...)

So what did you think about last nights epic hour and a half premier of Face Off? We've already had a couple teary eyed interviews (Tommy looked terminal throughout the entire challenge), a salacious team challenge drama, a walk off and some pretty kick ass designs for....(wahhhwahhhwahhhhhhh) a Star Wars challenge.

I'm so sick of that franchise I could scream. 
Yeah, I said it. I liked the originals, don't get me wrong, but aliens, space ships, and galaxies far-far away (oh wait, was that Star Trek?) for the most part, just aren't my thing. When they announced the challenge, I have to say my heart dropped a little, but this is Face Off, they'll pull something out. And low and behold, even little old alien blase was impressed. The show has definitely sunk its vacuformed teeth in for what's presenting itself to be a promising season...

I'm pulling for the women this season (ok, when am I not?) and judging from tonights episode, I really think these chicks (Laura, Nicole, and Sarah especially) have what it takes to kick in some balls and take over yet another traditionally male-dominated industry. Here's hoping the curse of the pink hair doesn't strike again and ruin their chances. Nobody with pink hair, or any shade of unnatural crayola vibrance for that matter, EVER lasts long on television, have you noticed? Season one, pink hair was first to go. Just a couple weeks ago the pink/leopard print quaffed Buffi received her "auf wiedersehen" on Project Runway. They had me worried for a bit that history was going to repeat itself as a certain jewel haired duo fought to pull their creature cowls from the molds, but they managed. And beautifully, may I add.

My only concern is this: with Joe gone, who's going to fill the role of the villain this season? God. What a d*ck! Am I right? When he reached over and swiped Tommy's work off the sculpt, man I wanted Tommy to slam his head into the work table...

What's Up for Next Week
Spoiler! It's pirates... wahhhwahhhwahhhhhh. *heart drop*

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venus. said...

HAHAH this is how i know that we're meant to be pals! me and panic were like "aaah, poor pink haired girls" because we know - no matter what, they always leave but they totally pulled it off and i've been in their position before with a half ass piece at the least minute then somehow kick the shit out of it. all i know is i will be holding my breath in wait for the alice in wonderland zombie infection episode. yes, it's TWO totally cliche and bandwagon-y trends BUT when they collide.... S I GH. <3 awesome recap - cant wait to read your thoughts next week.