Monday, September 10, 2012

Dollar Store Scores

When most people go to the beach on vacation they visit quaint little seas side stores or enormously opulent corporate beach supply warehouses to stock up on sea shell studded souvenirs, salt water taffy or gag gifts shaped like body parts (you know the "parts" I'm talking about) usually scrunched in amongst the beer cozies and shot glasses. Me? I end up at the dollar store and thrift shops, trolling for Halloween things that I may not be able to find at home.

Thrift stores this year were a bust, but the Dollar Tree, which is nearly always crammed full of things that never seem to make it, or linger long on the shelves at our local store, didn't disappoint.

Most of the lot...

Pencils. A grand edition to the "Back-to-Ghoul" Twisted Treasury supply list. :)

A new version of the blucky skulls they've carried the last few years! Bonus: these are made of much thicker plastic. I hope ours gets them as I need lots more for this year. Gotta get corpsin'

Nothing too flashy, but Halloween all the same! I also got a cereal bowl, some cups, and two pack of battery operated LED tea lights (6 per pack!) that our Dollar Tree hasn't carried in about 3 years... Super swank.

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