Friday, September 28, 2012

Twisted Treasuries #8: Panic in the UnderGhourds

I have no idea where September ran off to. This week was the last of it-- that last little bit of cushion I had to keep calm and trudge on before October hits. There's no hiding, the Haunters crunch has begun! With September gone and a new lady-like job starting up for me about a week around the corner, I'm forced to face that maybe* there just aren't enough days. Despite a weekend-long marathon last weekend of spray paint and mache, I'm feeling so behind on my build. I take some solace in knowing I'm not the only one. And I'm not just talking fellow haunters.

One thing etsy has clued me in on: Pumpkins can panic too! As briefly hinted last week, this week Twisted Treasuries visits the UnderGhourds of etsy to help convey the various stages of haunters emotions when the clock starts to really tick.

DanceSippyDance was one of my first favorites when I joined etsy way back. I've adopted many bloody monsters and other pieces from her shop and love every one of them like children. They're so expressively, disturbingly adorable! This Halloween there's a whole army of pumpkin headed cuties that know EXACTLY how I feel.

a little trepidatious to start:
then the nerves really start to settle in and I wonder "am I crazy?":
and then, comes the full-on Kevin McCallister freak out!

All that stress can cause breakouts. This little guy looks like he know what I'm talking about. But then he's got a little more to worry about, living with the hordes of Candy Corn Zombies running amok in his shop!

Inevitably something won't work out quite right; the pristinely mached skull shifts where it's drying, sticks to the floor or plastic sheeting and tears irreparably when you try to pick it up, the teeth crack on the ghoul or the dog knocks over and steps on a tombstone or snaps a corn stalk, and you feel like screaming and bawling your eyes out...

On rare occasions you even get a little jumpy and your own decorations start to creep you out!

Most of the time though, you just feel like a deer in headlights, perpetually wide-eyed and in shock at all you have left to do. And you totally did it to yourself, which dumbfounds you even more! If you're lucky, you won't develop a weird eye-twitch to go along with it...

I guess all you can really do is fake it and try to put on a (relatively) happy face...

Don't forget to check out the rest of this week's treasury! Maybe even adopt a sad sack underghourd of your own. Give it a much needed sense of self and security this Halloween.

I'm off to make the most of this weekend before my gainful employedness takes over my life next week. CRUNCH TIME!!

*notice I said "maybe". There's still some delusional little Halloween-happy speck of me still willing to churn out the monster yard haunt I've been obsessing over since April.

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