Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Get Leafy" with Aunt(y) Peaches

One of my favorite, super crazy craft-savvy blogs to lurk about and peruse regularly is that of Aunt Peaches-- I say "aunty" because whenever I type it into my browser, my finger almost always slips and adds that pesky "y". Just FYI and to thoroughly (un)confuse you.


Aunt Peaches is pretty well known for her coffee filter roses. Chances are, if you type her blog name into google/bing/what-have-you, these big technicolorfully frothy bouquets will be the first thing to pop up in your search results. Not necessarily the kind of thing Daddy's Little Corpse is about, but today Peaches has come up with yet another fabulously crafty project that seasonally, is right up the DLC alley. Even better, as with all Aunt Peaches projects, it's super easy and made on the super cheap:


Sure, the crinkling-paint-in-the-bag part stirs up quite the horrendous dogwalking flashback of Max (the sweetest, biggest German Shepherd you'll ever meet) and his stomach issues, but that's all part of the adventure! The end product's worth it and I can already think of a ton of different spin-off projects. I'll be tackling this one tonight.

Thanks Aunt(y) Peaches!

Catch the tutorial HERE

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