Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekends to Die For

Every October, if I'm not watching SyFy for their "31 Days of Halloween" devouring anything horror that isn't Jeepers Creepers (1 and 2, back-to-back, over and over and OVER again), I usually have the Travel Channel on, watching whatever haunted attraction countdowns, weird travel destination shows or ghost stories may be on. Tonight will officially mark the return of "Weekends to Die For", Travel Channel's own countdown to Halloween.

Last year Making Monsters and The Dead Files made their debut, adding some girth to the rather moldy, but always enjoyed, line up of Halloween "specials". I'm shamelessly, and, in the case of The Dead Files rather morbidly (I think it's Amy's oddness), addicted to both. Lucky for me they'll both be back. Since Dead Files just wrapped a season however, they'll be checking in with a few special episodes, and I expect, countless reruns. Also, new episodes of Ghost Adventures persist continue in their new season which officially started September 14th (my loathe/love relationship with that show endures like the plague... I wish it'd kill me already!) , along with another new ghost-stalking show called Paranormal Paparazzi-- which I am already inclined to hate thanks to that horrid title.

Paranormal Paparazzi premiere: Tonight @ 7pm
Ghost Adventures (new episode): Fridays @ 9pm
Making Monsters season premiere: Sunday, Sept. 30th @ 8&9pm

FYI, their commercial is really cute, but sadly I couldn't seem to hunt it down online... if you happen onto Travel Channel keep an eye out for it!

Artwork by Jason Reicher

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