Thursday, September 20, 2012

Target Halloween

The rumors are true! The usually torturous super slow Halloween stocking at Target seems to have magically already happened. Of course I didn't believe it until I headed out yesterday morning and saw it for myself.

The last couple of years I haven't been at all impressed with what Target's been putting out. I couldn't tell you one thing I've walked away with since the haunted mailbox I bought a few years ago. Maybe a couple melamine plates. A little ceramic pumpkin. And I've never EVER been able to catch the pumpkin spice Eggos or the poptarts everyone on the haunt forums were gushing over... until yesterday.

On the shelves:

Always happy to see these little guys. I don't think they'll ever get old.

Sparkly cardboard houses, and witch hat owls... I love these pillows, but let's be real. I could totally make my own. No sign of any bedding, except for the usual chenille throws. Shame. I really loved all their pillow cases.
Does your store have pillow cases this year?

A terrible photo, but I was kinda in love with all the sippy cups. Is that weird? I especially love the orange skulls and the black pumpkins (barely caught on the edge here). The pictures are divided into strips and turn to make different pumpkin faces. Sweet!

Party things.

Kicking myself for not liberating these two. They want out!!!
My phone crapped out on me halfway through the first aisle. Wanna see more? I recommend checking out The Spooky Vegan and her Target 2012 post. She has some awesome photos of everything I didn't get a chance to. I'm in love with the flaming pumpkin!
Overall, in comparison to the last few years of ho-hum Target Halloween, I guess I'm impressed. Definitely satiated the Halloween need at the very least.

What made it home with me:

I have a thing for pencils and stickers this year. Probably cause they're cheap. :)
Lalaloopsy... doomed to live in her package for all eternity. Unless I go back to liberate the sock monkeys, then maybe I'll get a 2nd and let her out to play.
More dog toys! The Bugaboo's been carrying around her skellie since I gave it to her yesterday. Even brought it in to sleep with her last night at bedtime.  The bat has proved Zoe proof! She was chewing on the rope wings all day and not a scratch...
Fabulous plates. The black ones are even microwave safe!
The good stuff! My mom was super excited about the Cadbury Screme eggs. Also managed to grab a couple boxes of Eggos waffles since I've been trying to find them for three years! Tried some this morning, which, of course, our evil toaster almost burned, but they smelled and tasted SO good. Subtle, but definitely pumpkin spice. Worth "3-years-of-waiting" good? Um... probably not.

A couple extra shots from a quick run-in to Marshalls:

Marshalls is probably the scariest square footage of consumer chaos on the planet, FYI... the things we do for Halloween! I was pretty unimpressed with all the sparkly garbage. Only this guy merited a photo.
Again, nothing special.... so far. I'm hoping for more, because last year this was where I really scored some surprisingly awesome stuff.
Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Party City are next on my list of places to check out and that's about it for me and my Halloween shopping. After that it's really time to hunker down and build build build!

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Spooky Vegan said...

Yay! So glad your Target was stocked! :D

I was happy with most of their stuff, but disappointed they didn't have Halloween pj's, socks or pillowcases. It sad that they keep cutting back every year. :(

Nice haul, tho!!