Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Man, these things sure do sneak up on you. I knew the release for Hotel Transylvania was soon (hence the movie paraphenalia toys in the parentals Happy Meals), but this Friday?!

I don't get out to the theatres much; costs to too much (everything does when you're use to free), there's people, the smell of popcorn makes me yack (ex-theatre employee syndrome) and blahblahblah... but there are exceptions in which I at least ponder the idea of treking out to the triple,omni, multi, whatever-plex for a matinee. ParaNorman, Hotel Transylvania and, of course, the upcoming Frankenweenie are making it pretty hard to stay away. Maybe I 'll wait till all three hit the $1 theatre and have a triple feature matinees day...

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